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Matanuska Valley Tour - Alaska

Step into the heart of Alaska’s wild beauty with Bear Paw Road Tours’ privately guided “Matanuska Valley & Glacier Tour – Alaska.” Available from June 15, this immersive journey promises an unforgettable expedition through Alaska’s famed landmarks. Lace up your comfortable shoes and grab a warm coat or a light jacket because our adventure awaits.

From The Matanuska Valley To The Hatcher Pass!

Embark on a 5+ hour exploration of the enchanting Matanuska Valley, a place where rugged peaks meet vibrant wildflower meadows. Gaze at the sublime spectacle of the Matanuska Glacier, its icy expanse gleaming under the Alaskan sun. Get up close and personal with the fuzzy residents of The Musk Ox Farm, and be captivated by the mountain grandeur of Hatcher Pass.

Unleash Your Spirit of Adventure!

Bear Paw Road Tours doesn’t just show you the sights – we curate experiences that resonate. Take the plunge and book your Matanuska Tour in Alaska today. Adventure is calling!

What We Provide?

Round-trip transportation from downtown Anchorage to Matanuska Glacier is on us. So is the Anchorage hotel pickup service at your designated location, making your journey as smooth as possible.

Our Alaska tours are comprehensive, offering a wealth of experiences. From thrilling hikes to photo stops that frame Alaska’s jaw-dropping beauty, we’ve got you covered. We’ll cater to your needs with snacks, water, and a knowledgeable guide who’ll bring Alaska’s history to life.