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Matanuska Glacier Sightseeing Tour

(No walking on ice)

Unleash your spirit of discovery with Bear Paw Road Tours’ “Matanuska Glacier Tour – Alaska.” Priced at $240 per person, this unique journey takes you on a 7+ hour exploration of one of Alaska’s most accessible and scenic glaciers. Slip into comfortable shoes, don a warm coat or light jacket, and bring your binoculars – they’re highly recommended!

Journey Into The Ice

Depart from Anchorage at 8:30 am for a guided encounter with Matanuska Glacier’s icy expanses. At the glacier’s terminus, our knowledgeable guide joins you for a walk across the glacier. As you traverse this icy wonderland, you’ll learn about the glacier’s fascinating features and natural history, creating a memorable Alaska tour experience. The ethereal beauty of the glacier serves as the perfect backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime photos.

Nourish & Capture

Our Matanuska tour in Alaska includes enticing snacks and water, keeping you energized as you engage with Alaska’s untamed beauty. Our tour also features strategic photo stops, inviting you to capture the landscape’s grandeur.

Farm Visits & Great views

Entrance to the unique Musk Ox Farm is part of the adventure, offering you a glimpse into Alaska’s intriguing wildlife. 

At Bear Paw Road Tours, we don’t just offer Alaska tours – we create unforgettable experiences, and stunning views. Come, join us on this icy adventure today!